About Us

The club was founded in 1986 as a non-profit Sports and Social Club. The land is still leased from the City of Mandurah. Our original members cleared the site and laid the greens. The clubhouse was built with the help of an interest-free loan from the City of Mandurah and was opened in 1991.

The Club is affiliated to the West Australian Croquet Association (WACA).The club is one of the largest clubs outside the Perth metropolitan area. WACA uses the club greens for training and Associate Members from other WA Croquet Clubs are welcome to play at the club.

The Club is run by an elected Committee. The elections are held annually, normally at the Annual General Meeting.

At the AGM held in October 2019 the following were elected:

  • President – Gayle McGovern
  • Vice President – Roland Stewart
  • Treasurer – Felicia Stewart
  • Secretary Jacqui Rawlinson
  • General Committee – Pat McGovern
  • General Committee -Jacqui Kraucevs
  • General Committee –
  • Patron – Jan McGlinn
  • Golf Croquet Club Captain & Referee – Pat McGovern

The Committee meets regularly  where Matters and Finance are discussed and reported. Minutes of these meetings are made available to all the members. A Financial Report is produced monthly.  The Annual General Meeting is held after the WACA AGM. Audited finances are reported at the AGM.

From the present members back to the Pioneers.Our grateful thanks to the dedicated group of people (mainly women) who started the club.

This is how they started in January 1989. Here are some early pictures. We thank them, without them we’d have nothing.